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Choose Your Paint

Choose Your paint.

d’Lanes Painting offer to the customers oportunity to understand about paint and listed the commom questions about oil paint vs latex, and stain vs paint.

The chart below gives a great overview of the differences between latex and oil paints.

Those differences can be used to your advantage! And what differences there are!

Oil paints seal stains better but tend to crack under temperature changes. Oils make the best stain killers for interior work, but outside latex stain killers shine! Oils make the best primers for "rusty" metals, but latex primers are superior for galvanized metals.

Not surprisingly, painters have personal preferences based on a mix of experience and superstition.

Some swear by latex paint for trim and doors, while others would rather give up their firstborn than use anything but a quality alkyd paint on these wood surfaces!

Confused? Don't be... the trick is to open-minded. Neither latex nor oil paint is ideal in all circumstances. Since different paints have different strengths and weaknesses.

We know our paints and can help you decide the best combination of latex and oil paints to solve your own painting crisis!

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Compare Latex and Oil Paint




Fast dry.

Shrinks more when drying, creating more surface stress.

Better fade resistance.

More temperature sensitive.

More chalk-resistant.

Less adhesion to chalk and dirt.

Breathes; less blistering.

Can stain with water-soluble contamination.

Retains flexibility longer.

Softer, normally not used in high traffic areas.

Tolerant on alkaline surfaces like masonry.


Will not yellow.


Resists mildew better.


Clean-up with water.


Good on galvanized metal.





Less shrinkage.

Turns brittle with age.

Low temperatures have less affect.

Slower dry than latex.

More durable in high traffic areas.

Colors fade faster.

Seals stains better.

Chalks faster than latex.

Holds rust better on steel.

Tight film blisters faster (won't breathe).

Better adhesion on dirty or chalky surfaces.

Yellows with age.


Peels on galvanized metal.


Paint Vs Stain: What Is The Best For Your Home


While paint can be applied to virtually any surface, paint is not always the most appropriate or durable coating. This is particularly true of walking surfaces, such as patios, sidewalks, and decks. Paint is a film-forming coating, that is, it forms a continuous film that lies on top of the surface. On a horizontal surface, standing water can soften the paint film and leave it prone to marring and abrasions from foot traffic. Moisture can then enter the substrate, leading to further peeling.

Because stains penetrate the surface they are not prone to such damage. Generally, stains are the product of choice for walking surfaces. Unfortunately stains are usually not as durable as paints. Ultraviolet light breaks down the pigment in stains, which results in more frequent reapplication. In addition, embedded dirt and debris can discolor the surface. While pressure washing will remove much of this dirt and debris, it can also remove some of the stain, resulting in an uneven appearance.

On interior surfaces, stain is often used to highlight the natural beauty of wood. When stained, surfaces such as paneling, bookshelves, and cabinets can add elegance and richness to a room. However, dark stains can “shrink” a room, that is, make it appear smaller and less bright. Increasingly, homeowners are electing to paint such surfaces.

Painting over a stained surface is a multi-stop process. The surface must first be deglossed to promote adhesion of the paint. An oil base primer must then be applied to prevent the stain from bleeding through the paint. Any small cracks or seams must be caulked to provide a clean appearance. Finally, the paint can be applied.

Both stains and paints can enhance a surface. Understanding the benefits and limitations of each will help you select the most appropriate coating for your home.


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Top 10 Questions About Exterior Painting

Top 10 Questions About Interior Painting

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